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  1. Frequently asked questions <Brush>
  2. Private Label OEM/ODM Services-Vonira Beauty
  3. Dear Our Customers You Know?
  4. How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes
  5. Basic Makeup Brushes: How to Choose Makeup Brushes

1. Frequently asked questions <Brush>

  • Q 1.I would love to buy a blusher brush but do not know which one I should choose as there are lots of shapes of bristles.
    Could you recommend some?
  • A 1.[Shapes of bristles]
    Round and Flat: The most standard shape for bristles of a blusher brush.
    You can apply makeup easily to the contours of your face and achieve natural blending of colors.
    Round and Flat, large: This shape of bristles is more suitable for makeup artists.
    Densely packed, large bristles pick up the desired amount of products to provide moderate to full coverage.
    Pointed: Easy to handle even for makeup beginners as you can easily control blending of colors.  
    Round: Excellent for accentuating your orbital bone when you want strong, bright coloring.  
    Angled: Good for applying soft coloring. This shape of bristles is suitable for a highlighter brush.  
    Hair Materials also have their own characteristics.
  • Q 2.There are many shapes of bristles for finishing and powder brushes.
    Could you explain the difference?
  • A 2.[Shapes of bristles]
    Angled: Easy for even makeup beginners, angled bristles will easily offer precision, so you do not need special makeup skills.
    Ideal for finishing or highlighting brushes.
    Flat: Suitable for finishing and powder brushes.
    You can easily glide brushes with flat bristles from side to side, good for contouring.
    Round: This standard bristle shape provides moderate coverage but enables you to easily achieve a seamless finish.
    Round and Flat: Suitable for a powder brush as it provides a polished look and creates great colors.
    Pointed: The pointed shape of bristles offers good control, you will easily achieve natural blending of colors. Suitable for blusher or highlighter brush.
    Domed: You can easily achieve a radiant and polished look with this shape of bristles. Buff in a circular motion and glide gently on your skin.
  • Q 3. Do I need several eye shadow brushes?
  • A 3. It can be quite difficult to achieve the desired finish to your eye makeup with only one brush.
    We recommend you have three to five different eye shadow brushes.
    For example, brushes for eye shadow base, to blend colors and apply color to the inner or outer corners of your eyes.
  • Q 4. I do not know how often I need to wash my brushes.
  • A 4. When the bristles start to contain beads of makeup or do not pick up enough product or you feel discomfort.
    Please read more about cleaning makeup brushes in the attached.
    Please note that frequent washing will damage the bristles. Using your brush on a daily basis is the key to making it last for years.


  • Q 5.For makeup beginners, what brush range do you suggest?
  • A 5.We do not especially have a brush range for makeup beginners, but if you choose brushes from our basic selection range, they are quite easy to use for anyone.
    Our Basic selection range contains various standard brushes gathered from other ranges.

  • Q 6.I am looking for a powder brush. What is the difference between goat and squirrel?
  • A 6.When makeup is applied with a brush made of goat hair, you will be able to achieve a polished finish.
    With a brush made of squirrel hair, natural and sheer coverage can be achieved.
    Goat: Good for more oily skin. Bristles made from goat are good for disguising pores as it distributes makeup evenly.
    You can also achieve a radiant finish using the entire surface of the bristles and by using several strokes.
    Suitable for powdery products such as lucent powder.
    Blue squirrel: Suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Bristles made from blue squirrel have little spring but are ultra soft, coverage will be natural and sheer.
    Less durable, so use the surface of the bristles gently with the handle held flat.
    Although it works well for lucent powder, it is not suitable for liquid or oil based products.


2. Private Label OEM/ODM Services-Vonira Beauty

We Supply Private Label OEM/ODM Special Services For Your Own Brand Name On Cosmetic Brushes.

What are the benefits of private labeling?

Make your cosmetics products stand out by printing your company logo on the products and packaging! Private labeling is an effect marketing tool that allows you to showcase your brand and differentiate your products from the competition.

How much does our private labeling cost?

• There is a one-time fee(emboss way 40USD/silk printing 25USD each logo mould size) for us to produce your logo film and dye plates.

Note: Your order may require multiple die plates due to different component sizes.
• The custom brush set up fee is $10 per item, per order for every run.
Please note: your order may require multiple set ups due to different comoponent sizes.
• The print fee is $0.3 per brush for labor cost when for sampling process

We require your final artwork in Adobe Illustrator or PDF format.

What is the minimum private label order?

• For makeup brushes, the minimum quantity is 100pcs for brush set,single brushes is for 500pcs.
• For makeup brushes, Quantity discounts are available for larger orders.

3. Dear Our Customers You Know?

Why Choose Vonira Beauty?
We understand our customer's very needs to source their product to reduce their costs and risks.
And we also understand ours clients are facing all sorts of problems when they are sourcing.

Vonira Beauty is dedicated to providing our clients with superior quality handmade brushes exclusively designed for the high-end needs of professional makeup artists and cosmetic retailers.

Professional quality and service is top priority in all aspects of our company. In order to meet the needs and expectations of professional makeup artists worldwide, Vonira has chosen to set very high standards for the techniques skills used in the manufacturing of our products.


About Orders:

Q. What will be needed in the inquiry email?
(1) Item No. In our website or your pictures and specifications.
(2)The material of the hair, ferrule and the handle.
(3) The quantity you like to order.
(4) Shipping terms.
(5 ) Packing requirements

Q. How could I get a sample?
A. Email us about all the specification, and then we will produce it for you, if it is regular samples in stock, it is always free, the delivery charge collect.

Q. How Could our company be your agent?
A. Email us all the specification about your company, and the quantity you could order in each year and each order, then we negotiate about this.

What we do:
Over 10 years experience in makeup brush manufacturing, we only produce exquisite makeup tools. Trial small brush order is accepted.


Let's discuss most of customer concerned questions and what solutions vonira beauty has to offer:

1.Which brushes come in sets?

If you just need the basics, our 5 to 7-piece brush sets usually include a combination of foundation, blush, eye shadow, lip, shader, eyebrow, eye liner and eye smudge brushes.

For a more professional application, some of our sets come with as many as 40 brushes! These include all the basics mentioned above, plus specialized tools for lining, blending, contouring and more.

2.How long does it take to get a sample?
If you are interested in one of the samples in our product catalogue, we will send the required sample to you by DHL or UPS immediately upon yourrequest. It will usually take 7-10 days for the sample to arrive.


3.How long does it take to get a sample and quote once you have our specifications and samples?
This will depend on the complexity of your product but usually it takes 2 to 3 weeks for us to process your sample before the exact quotationand send the finished sample to you by DHL or UPS.

4.What's your typical delivery time?
Depending on your order amount, the manufacturing process will usually takes 20-30 days before final shipment.

5.How do we know that our product will be manufactured according to our quality specifications?
Vonira Beauty will assign you your very own agent to help you monitor the whole manufacturing process of your goods.

We will constantly update you about raw material preparation,such as packages, handles, bristles and metal connectorsand send you actual photos of those materials to make sure those material are top quality and meet your expectation.

We will notify you immediately when semi-finished products samples are available and send you the photos of those samples to ensure final products meet your exact expectations 

4. How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes should always be clean if you want them to work the way they should. Some of them need even constant care, as the leftovers of the products that remain on the brushes may cause some problems to your skin. Another important aspect is the brush softness. For example, powder brush must always be very soft in order to become scratchy. And when it comes to cleaning, you should also know how to clean makeup brushes not to damage them and bring them to initial new state. So let’s revealhow to clean your every-day makeup brushes with ease!

The Makeup Brush Cleaning Routine

Before passing to the main products that you should use for cleaning the brushes, it’s important to know how often you should use them. If speaking frankly, none of us cleans the brushes after every use, it takes time which all girls always lack. Well, actually, there is no need to clean all of them every day; it will not do any good. Foundation and powder brushes should be cleaned at least once a week. Especially the foundation brush keeps a great amount of the cream on it and this may turn out to harmful bacteria. So clean it more often. What concerns the blush brushes, they can easily be cleaned just once a week. The only brush that should be cleaned after every use is the eyeliner brush; otherwise, it may become out of use. As for the concealer and eyeshadow brushes, it’s enough to clean them 2-3 times a week.

Cleansing Products for Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes need special care, that’s why there are cleansers, sprays, conditioners and many other products made particularly for brush cleaning. You can choose any of them and clean your brushes, but it is more advisable to choose a cleanser, which will also sanitize the brush. Sterilizing will guarantee the utmost cleansing from any bacteria and microbe that are on the brushes, it will also make the brush dry in a few minutes. Sprays are also very effective for cleaning the brushes as they remove all the leftovers from the brush and ensure a long lasting life for them.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Steps

If you already have the cleaning products, you should also be attentive about the amount you use as it differs from brush to brush. Well, firstly, keep the brush bristle under warm water until it gets softer. Then, apply whatever you have; a cleanser, a spray or a conditioner. For your foundation and blush brushes use a few full drops so to cover the bristle with the product, while for eyeliner, eyeshadow and concealer brushes, use smaller drips. Rub the bristle with fingers gently, making sure that the cleaning product touches every bristle and every corner. As you have the brushes cleaned, leave them for getting dry. If you have used ABT foaming brush cleanser, it will dry the brushes within a few minutes.
So with the help of these easy steps, take care of your makeup brushes and let them be useful even longer, as after all they are the most essential tools for creating dazzling makeup looks!


5. Basic Makeup Brushes: How to Choose Makeup Brushes

Basic Makeup Brushes: How to Choose Makeup Brushes

Just like it’d be impossible to build a house without the right construction materials and tools, it’s hard to create a flawless makeup look, if you don’t have the basic makeup brushesand high quality makeup products. All the makeup artists will state that they can’t do without their professional makeup brushes. If you are used to applying, for example, foundation with your fingers, try applying it with a foundation brush and you will never give it up. They seem to do half the work, making your face look like a silk! In the makeup application process every product has its brush, so let’s define the basic makeup brushes and give you some idea about how to choose makeup brushes!

Foundation Brush

Perhaps the most essential makeup brush in your beauty kit should be a foundation brush. The bad habit of applying the foundation with fingers makes oily skin shine pretty soon and doesn’t lead to a uniform look. Although a sponge can also be used for applying the liquid foundation, it doesn’t deliver the same flawless results, as a tight and flat-shaped foundation brush can do. Make sure to opt for a foundation brush with natural hair, since it glides more softly, perfectly covering the problem areas on your face.

Angled Brush

You will need an angled brush for contouring your face, especially of you are dealing with a creamy texture. If it is powdery, just opt for a normal powder brush. Otherwise, give preference to a synthetic brush.

Blush Brush

After perfectly covering your face with a liquid foundation and some loose powder, you may want to contour your face and add a touch of color to your cheeks. This is impossible to do without a good blush brush, which is recommended to be an angled synthetic one in case of dealing with cream or liquid blushes, and a natural dome-shaped medium brush, when you are applying a powder blush. Unlike all the other makeup brushes, it’s quite easy to get a good blush brush at an affordable price tag.

Brow Brush

Well defined brows are not enough for a stunning look, they also should be well shaped with a brush. When you are applying foundation and powder, there may be leftovers on your brows, so the brush will remove them away easily. For filling in and shaping your eyebrows, always opt for an angled brow brush with synthetic bristles.

Eyeshadow Brush

Eye makeup is where your creativity should work and where you can’t use your fingers. Although there are some girls, who like applying eyeshadows with their fingers, for a perfect eye makeup, you need to have different sizes of eyeshadow brushes with soft, natural bristles. In case you can’t afford buying many eyeshadow brushes in different sizes, just opt for a medium one and use it for applying different colors of eyeshadows all over your eyelids.

Blending Brush

Your blending brush should be the sister to your eyeshadow brush. With the help of this small magic stick, you can create a myriad of sexy looks, such as smokey eyes, which is all about blending different eyeshadow hues with each other. Make sure to choose a natural long-haired blending brush to create smashing eye makeup looks.

Eyeliner Brush

Applying eyeliner with the main brush or just with a harsh liner may be time taking and difficult. But when you use special eyeliner brush you have a completely different result. It makes the eyeliner application much easier, as well as gives you a flawless look. Opt for a pointy thin synthetic brush brush, which can also work for lipstick application.
Now you know the secret to amazing flawless makeup looks. Use the makeup brushes and make sure that makeup is not an everyday obligation for you, but a real pleasure and beatified process!

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